Overly Attached Army
How does it feel, Laina Walker?

Thanksgiving Cook Off
A group of friends always get together the night before Thanksgiving and deep fry a turkey or two. While we were waiting for the oil to warm up, my friend decided it would be funny to punch me in the face with a raw turkey, the end result is shown.

Man So Drunk, Can’t Hold Head Up For Mug Shot
“Can you take this again? I think my eyes were closed.”

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Swaddled Son Takes after Father Wrapped in Blanket
The mother is a burrito.

10 Weird Motorcycles [Click to view entire gallery]
I want to feel the wind in my hair and the circulation leave my arms.

Click through for the definitive breakdown on eight more shows, including Arrested Development, Lost, and The Wire.


@themikedao, Funny stuff ~_~


This is pretty good, but they forgot to incl—ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOCAKE
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